Thursday 4 February 2016

Narrow Gauge and Snow

In Denmark we've had almost three weeks with snow on the ground in January. Several trains have been run in the snow covered landscape. A train of skips went to pick up a load of small stones for a project in HVB's large shed at the Hedehusgaard station. Not too often one gets to take a train of skips through a snow covered landscape in Denmark.

On our way to Brandhøj station to pick up a load of small stones. We are pushing the skips - here on a piece of the line that had new sleepers fitted in the autumn.
Stone loading in progress. One of the younger members has become quite good with the excavator. M 12 was built in Denmark in 1943 and is still going strong.
Skips filled, we make our way back - here going down hill from Sølund station. 

In the head shunt ready to take the stone load into the shed. The setting sun is barely visible above the last skip.
Not all locos have stood the test of Danish weather too well. Here is what happens when you leave a steam loco in a park for more than 30 years. This engine is now going into storage. The train is moving slowly pulled by M 12 which has the lowest gearing while M 24 provides braking. Photo: Peter Hansen.
A lot of stuff had to be moved to allow steam loco No 3 to be positioned in the rear of the shed. Four diesel locos and an excavator was running when I took the photo. 
Running narrow gauge trains in full scale surely gives you a better sense of the practical workings of the prototype for your model railway. If you have a heritage railway in your vicinity consider volunteering and take part in the work there. You will no doubt be welcomed and you will ‘cash in’ on three ‘key performance indicators’: help run a real railway, pick up good ideas for your model railway and enjoy the good company of fellow railway men and women (probably mostly men…).

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