Monday, 1 February 2016

Kit Frustrations

Last summer I had endless trouble getting a kit bash of a lorry together. In the end I succeeded. I'm in a similar situation now with the MMK kit of a Bedford O. With vague or non-existent location points for the cab, front mud guards and bonnet I have decided to give the kit a break. Together with the instructions everything has been wrapped in tissue paper and stuffed in a card board box. I seldom pack a kit up like this once I have started, but this one had to go back on the shelf to mature. Hopefully things will go much better when we meet again!

As far as I got with the MMK Bedford O. The tipper in the back ground from Roadcraft Models was an easier kit to assemble. I'm confident that the lorry will end up a nice model. I'm not easily defeated!
I have no shortage of other models to build. After a little clearing out and book managing I'll be getting on with track laying on a module.

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