Friday 5 February 2016

Building Bankes Bakelit (1/35)

Last March I started planning Bankes Bakelit, the small bakelite factory just north of Nystrup Gravel's 600 mm. track. The factory has now progressed from a card board mock up to a proper structure of foam board. I adjusted the size of the building slightly as there was room for a little larger foot print on the module. As I wasn't aiming for a scale model of the factory building, I just enlarged the building as much as space allowed while keeping the proportions. The building now makes a more prominent presence. I didn't want trains to dwarf the building - rather the opposite.
Test assembly held together with pins from my latest shirt purchase.
The building is made from a double layer of 6 mm. foam board. Window openings in the inner foam board layer are a little larger than in the outer layer. In that way I hope to fit windows in a realistic depth in the wall. I still haven't found any suitable window frames to fit in the holes and I suspect I will not. I will probably have to build the window frames from plastic profiles.
Windows cut out, double walls fitted and all parts glued.
Floor fitted - still unglued.
Interior floor and dividers have been built to allow for lighting and a little interior detailing. With floors the building don't need bracing.


  1. Claus if you want I could help draw up some windows to be etched and then speak to Steve (Narrow Planet) about getting them etched?

  2. Good idea, James. I'm only worried if the etch will have sufficient heigh to represent wooden framed windows? It will have to be of a rather hefty piece of etch in 1:35. Perhaps laser cut MDF or card board will be better? What do you think?

  3. I'd suggest layering two etches for wooden framing. I had in mind they were steel though when I suggested. MDF might be a little coarse, but I look forward to seeing it. If it doesn't work let me know and I can see what I can help with.