Friday 19 February 2016

A Lorry Load (1/35)

Between other projects I recently finished a load for a lorry. Having used a number of Scale Link skips for either flat wagons or bogies I had some of the kits' resin skip bodies surplus to requirements. 

Four Scale Link skip bodies. I used six to build a lorry load of spares on its way to a industrial railway.

To make some of them useful, I cleaned the bodies, glued them three on top of each other and gave them a spray with black primer. In each of the two stacks I painted one body dark grey to create a little variety. The skip bodies then received a wash with diluted oil paint 'burned umber'. The two stacks of skip bodies were mounted with glue on a simple frame of wooden profiles. EZ-line were used to represent the rope holding the bodies in place. The end brackets for the skip bodies were glued into a wooden crate. Any type of crate would do, but I picked one from an old Tamiya kit. I added only two pieces of thread for rope handles. The brackets would be mounted when assembling the skips after arrival.
Painted skip bodies, wooden frame and roll of EZ-line. In the background my assembly of a 1:35 Volkswagen 82E kit is progressing.
Here is the result of an hour's work: A load for a lorry. All from left over parts. An easy way of making a load for a lorry - or a standard gauge wagon in Gauge 1.

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