Wednesday 26 March 2014

To the Scrap Merchant (1/35)

Usually I write at great lengths of all the building and investing I do for my little railway. Recently I did something rather unusual. I scrapped a flat wagon. I decided it didn't live up to the quality of my other models and that it needed to go. As I'm not one that usually throws away anything, the wagon was first stripped of what I thought could be useful in the future. The rest of the wagon went to the scrapper - well, the local municipality waste treatment facility. I trust the wagon has now been consumed in the high temperature oven and helped create hot water for heating homes - perhaps my own?

Wagon no 47 was built in 1994 to carry the Ransomes MG6 tractor. The wagon was my first experiment with narrow gauge in 1:35 along with a never finished conversion of a Lima diesel. The wagon was made by simply putting a new and wider floor on a cut down H0 wagon. Having served for many years, the wagon has now been written off. But consider the idea of taking a string of old, surplus or second hand H0 wagons and converting them if you want to find out if railway modellling in 1:35 is something for you. They may end up serving you for 20 years!

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