Friday 7 March 2014

Bath Tub and Planting Flowers (1/35)

I haven't done much work on my modules for a long time. One of the last days in 2013 I started planting grass on my bridge module around the small stream. I'm not quite finished yet and the work continues. While I was 'gardening' I dug out an old kit of flowers and assembled a few to plant here and there on the module. I have done that on the two other modules with a nice effect, I think. The flowers are from Busch and made for H0, where they must be way out of scale. I think they fit great in 1:35. I'm not putting small white flowers everywhere, but just a few clusters here and there to create a little variety.
The Busch 'Margeriten'. I have never seen daisies this size - perhaps the figure is very small or the flowers are of the type Chrysanthemum Maximum which grows to 50-100 cm?
Loco no. 23, one of Nystrup Gravel's two French diesel locomotives, passing the wooden bridge over the small stream before squeezing past the fence around Bankes Bakelit, the Bakelite factory in Nystrup. The slope to the left has been grassed and the layout is beginning to look little more exhibitable. Much work remain, though.

The MK35 cow that grazes on the small hill overlooking the bridge has been given an old bath tub to drink from. The bath tub is from Plus Models, that must have the best range of small details to enrich every layout in 1:35. The bathtub is painted with a mix of white and light sand from Vallejo and weathered lightly with oil paints. On H0 layouts I have seen scenes with whole herds of cows. I haven't room for that, nor the money for dozens of resin cows.

Cow and bath tub on one of those grey and over cast days that makes up most of the Danish summer. A few Busch daisies seems to have caught the cow's attention.
In November I'm bringing Nystrup Gravel to a Gauge 1 exhibition. I'll be bringing the same three modules as last time I exhibited, so I would like to finish them and add some new features. Not too much sense bringing the same unfinished stuff twice. A long list of things to be done is being scribbled down at the moment. Expect to see more...

Last time I exhibited Nystrup Gravel: The guests are beginning to show up. I'm now working to landscape the bridge module and add a lot of smaller things to finish all modules in advance of the next exhibition.

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