Monday 3 March 2014

Making the Most of Left Overs (1/35)

Never throwing away anything I have a treasure trove of parts from kits that have generated unused parts. Sometimes small projects can emerge solely from the spares box. I wanted a load for my recently built Fordson 7V. The unused resin wheel sets from the many Pechot wagons I have built over the years, made it possible for me quickly to assemble a load of new wheels for Nystrup Gravel. No, I haven't built my wagons without wheels! The resin ones were replaced with metal wheel sets running in brass bearings.

As the Fordson lorry is from a haulage contractor in Sundborg,  I imagine the wheels must have come from a small foundry in that city or from even further away, having travelled by rail to Sundborg.

I drilled four holes in each Pechot wheel to make them more reminiscent of the typical loco wheels used for small locos. They are fitted to two pieces of lumber and held in place with fine copper wire. I used cyanoacrylate glue to glue the wheels together. My supplier of CA glues through 15 years closed and I'm now testing other brands. I still haven't found a good replacement, though.
The load is primed with Vallejo Acrylic Primer from a spray can. I'm not too keen on that particular primer, but for a low risk project like this I don't mind using it. In that way I hope to use up the can. I don't like to throw out anything - a sort of sustainable modelling approach - and good for my wallet, too.
The wheels painted Vallejo 'Light Rust' 71129 and fitted with address label. 
The Fordson lorry from Sundborg backing into the loco shed at Nystrup Gravel. The lorry is barely fitting in the shed. The chain hoist fitted under the roof of the shed helped to quickly unload the new wheels. The 8 wheels are for the two Billard locos that had badly worn wheels due to a faulty setting of the wheel sets in the frames. A lot of work at the lathe now awaits shop manager Thorleif Petersen and his small crew to prepare the new wheels for the axles.

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