Tuesday 25 February 2014

License Plates for the Army Lorries (1/35)

My models of Danish army lorries have had to wait some time for their license plates. They are now fitted in the appropriate places front and rear on each vehicle.

My Bedford QLD in Danish army service. The license plate is a 'Skilteskoven' decal. Many of the lorries used by the Danish military in the fifties are available as 1:35 kits. Most can be built out of the box without too many modifications (at least when you are a railway modeller like me!).
It might seem odd to choose red for license plates on a military vehicle, but the subject has been well researched, so there is no doubt. The Danish army switched to black license plates in 1973. A very thorough article is available in Danish on the website of the veteran vehicle section of the Royal Danish Guard Hussars.

A Chevrolet CMP with generator parked at a tree line. I scratch built the generator and the lorry's rear part. It is not fully confirmed that the Danish army had a CMP with generator, but I liked the looks of the lorry. The rest of the unit's vehicles are probably not parked far away.

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