Saturday 8 February 2014

One of the Small Joys of Modelling (1/35)

Modelling brings many joys. Most non-modellers don't quite get it. Gluing bits together and painting it - isn't that something for kids? Well, in many ways I'm pretty grown up and I still find it great fun to build or rework a kit and paint it up nicely. I have even more fun when I build something from scratch or combine several kits into one unique model that can only be found one place in the world - on my shelf.

Yesterday I received a letter - in it self a rather rare occurrence these days in Denmark where most people my age use e-mail or Facebook and letters from public services are digitally sent to your personal e-box. The letter was from Odense and contained my latest batch of decals from 'Skilteskoven' (in English 'Forest of Signs'). Receiving modelling stuff and looking at it the first time is great - a bit like opening a Christmas present. So just receiving new stuff is actually a part of the joy of modelling.

On the new sheet is a series of Danish army license plates, lettering for my 3D-printed Schöma and markings for the Fordson 7V which is currently being painted. While four models need military license plates to finish, the Fordson lorry decals will be used first.
'Skilteskoven' specializes in Danish road signs etc., but also takes on custom orders. The proprietor, designer, printer and draughtsman of 'Skilteskoven' apparently never grows tired of receiving text, fonts and unclear notes from me. The one man-business somehow manages to produce nice decals despite my poor instruction.

I appreciate all the small businesses that despite hard economic odds keep me supplied with good stuff to make my modelling easier. Particularly the decals make a vital contribution to help me make my models fit in the 'Nystrup universe'.

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  1. Hi Claus,
    After a month working in another scale, I've stopped by for a visit. What a surprise to see the truck....lorry reference in a previous post. And the decals in this one are fun to see:>)) I plan to haul out a 1/35th project in the not too distant future.