Friday 14 March 2014

3D Schöma with motor! (1/35)

In a few days I will add a fourth dimension to the 3D-printed gas generator Schöma KML-3 loco - movement. A BullAnt from Australia with 28 mm. wheelbase and 12 mm. dia. wheels arrived last week. Fitted with an ESU V4 micro decoder the running qualities are expected to be smooth and controllable.

During the week I have been making a floor for the 3D-printed loco shell from 1,5 mm. plasticard. The floor is fitted with two nuts to take the M2 bolts that keeps the BullAnt in place. The floor was glued to the loco with two component epoxy glue. Getting a mechanism to fit can be difficult. Height wise you'll want the best resemblance to the prototype while considering how to leave room for cab detail or the possibility to show an engine on the model. With a closed cab model the task is a little easier and the small size of the BullAnt contributes to a good result.

BullAnt as delivered from Hollywood Foundry and the plasticard floor with cut outs to fit in the loco body. I have not yet drilled holes for the two mounting bolts. In front of the plasticard floor is my cardboard test floor. I often make test pieces of cardboard as the material is cheap and easy to cut.
The BullAnt takes up just a little room inside the Schöma, so I was able to fit a very rudimentary interior to the cab.  I made a firewall to separate cab and engine compartment. It helps to hide the decoder and the colourful wiring from view. I fitted the firewall with a few gauges, but as the cab on the real loco is a rather 'naked' affair and not much can be seen through the windows, I didn't spent time on small details.

A little of the interior can be viewed through the cab window in this shot. I made the gauges by punching holes in a piece of plasticard with a punching tool. The loco body is only temporarily fitted to the BullAnt.
On the outside I fitted handles on the doors and a few brass sheet and pipe details. Not much is needed as the printed model has an amazingly high level of detail. I drilled out the exhaust pipe and the hole for the starting handle that goes through the gas cleaner on the loco's front.

The model is ready for painting. After a renewed washing I will give it yet another layer of primer before I airbrush it dark grey. Notice how the BullAnt provides an almost unobstructed view between the axles.

Before leaving you for giving my loco a wash in hot water and window cleaner I have to share an old advert for Imbert gas generators (the type fitted to the Schöma).

If you thought the idea of driving on wood fuel has disappeared this website will prove you wrong:

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