Wednesday 1 May 2013

Archive Material from Nystrup Gravel

Recently I located an old binder with documents from Nystrup Gravel. In it were correspondance between the gravel company and several loco manufacturers. The material is too comprehensive to be shown in its entirety on this blog, but I have included a few scans of some documents below.

The first two documents are from the Danish loco manufacturer Pedershaab. Nystrup Gravel had at least one loco from Pedershaab, a green loco numbered 14 with a home built wooden cab. From the correspondance it seems the loco arrived at Nystrup no later than 1955 when Pedershaab supplied the gravel company with info on how to keep the transmission chains tight and well greased. The second document is a page from earlier sales material found in the binder, indicating that no. 14 was perhaps originally delivered with a Danish built BurWain engine.

Pedershaab letter to Nystrup Gravel. The writing in pencil is a note that part of the transmission was renewed in 1964.
Page from Pedershaab sales material. The Pedershaab locos were classified according the the mark of diesel engine fitted, FD for Ford or BWD for BurWain.
Also in the binder was an offer from the other large Danish manufacturer of industrial railway locomotives, Nagboel. In 1951 they made an offer to Nystrup Gravel on several types of locos. Their listing of models and prices is a rather rare find. There is no indication that Nystrup ever bought a Nagboel loco.

I can't help being amazed by the line under the header saying that Nagboel manufactures 'motor locomotives, steel plate wheels for farming equipment and wheelbarrow wheels'. Shows a lot of variety from the Nagboel work shop!


  1. Hello, I am writing a (short) history about a village in southwest Finland, Tvärminne, Hanko. Here has been av tile/brick industry making tiles of sand, chalk and water. For the sand,after the war, mentioned in 1958, they had a locomotive "3 ton, type FD Bur-Wain med halvsluten förarhytt och 4-cyl. Fordmotor". Did this machine use gasoline or diesel??? People say this and that, and I have to choose (or not mention at all). In 1927 they had "motorlokomotiv 4 cyl. bensinmotor 600 mm spårvidd". could this be the same machine, then it was gasoline. They also had ånglokomotiv Orenstein & Koppel, and this, I have been told, was in use until the war. If somebody knows something about this I would be happy!
    Thanks, Astrid

  2. Hi Astrid
    Thanks a lot for the question on the Danish built locomotive. As you have found out, locos of the types FD and BWD were made by the Pedershaab Maskinfabrik in Brønderslev, Denmark. A loco type FD was equipped with a Ford A-engine (gasoline) while the BWD had a Danish Burwain diesel engine. So a FD-type with BurWain wouldn't fit the nomenclature. But if someone takes the trouble of mentioning a BurWain-engine it is likely what the loco was fitted with. Write me at and I'm having more info for you. I would love to hear more of the little railway at Tvärminne.

    Best regards, Claus