Tuesday 16 April 2013

Modelling Without Deadlines (1/35)

These days last year I was very busy finishing a lot of modelling tasks. I was preparing for the big Gauge 1 exhibition outside Odense. My 'after action report' is still available on the blog. This year I can fortunately take a somewhat more relaxed attitude to modelling, having no deadline to meet. So all is moving forward in its usual slow pace at my workbench.

Having a deadline is on the other hand a powerful driver of progress. A deadline helps to bring focus and results usually follows. But really modelling is a hobby and I don't like to let 'real life management'-methods spill over into my modelling hobby. This April I am working primarily on my Jung loco. I have primed all parts of the loco and painted the frame red. Next up is getting a very dark green on the upper parts and fitting an ESU micro decoder. A heavier than usual weathering will finish the model.
Frame painted red and washed with heavily thinned burnt umber oil paint.
It will probably take at least a month to finish as I'm off on a business trip and having a big family event coming up - modelling is just a hobby, you know.

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