Friday 12 April 2013

All the Nystrup Skips

I have continuosly sought information about Nystrup Gravel's little railway and its locos and rolling stock. Recently I found a veritable tresure trove. A binder full of manuals, maintenance lists, greasing schedules and old marketing folders. I don't think it is the complete workshop archive as much material, that must have existed, isn't in the binder. It is my guess that the binder is a haphazardly gathered stack of paperwork put in an old binder in a hurry. Maybe in the last years of the company's existence during a clean up. At least the Dymo tape lettering on the old binder could point in that direction.

The binder with Dymo tape title. The binder itself was made by the Soennecken company - actually the inventor of this type of binder.
I haven't had the time to go through it all, but stumbled over a list of Nystrup Gravel's skips. The list is unfortunately damaged and thus incomplete. Nevertheless it is a great document and also contains some notes from both the director of the gravel company and its chief mechanic Thorleif Petersen.
The damaged list of Nystrup skips. Worth noting is the written debate over skip no. 12. The chief mechanic has written the skip off the list as defect. That note has been crossed over by director Holm demanding that the skip stay in operation. The document is marked with the company's office address at 'L├╝tzowsvej'. Shed and sorting facilities were located on the southern edge of Nystrup and the gravelpits in the nearby woods.
Earlier I have found clippings from the local news paper. One article mentioned the company's two French locomotives. I will show more of what I found in the binder in the months to come.

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  1. Hi Claus,
    Excellent concept. It will be fun to read more as you share the contents of this "historical find". Fabricating history is almost as much fun as fabricating plastic:>)