Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Working Ruston-Bucyrus RB10

I seem to be blessed with excavator related expiriences these days. Last week I stumbled over a tinplate excavator, today I could see an RB-10 in original condition work at the Graested Veteran Show. The show is a great gathering of all things mechanical more than 30-35 years old. Trains, tractors, steam engines, cars, military vehicles, threshers - you name it. Check the show's web site for info.

My favourite this year was a drag line excavator working in an 'contractor's corner' on the show grounds. The RB10 excavator will be known in some parts of the world from the TV programme 'Salvage Squad'.

The excavator took working sessions with regular intervals and it was great to see the little machine work. Nystrup Gravel had a Ruston-Bucyrus of an older and larger type (RB17). A special feature on the RB10 at Graested was that it was in almost original condition. There was even traces of the original shipping address that made sure the machine arrived on the quay side in Copenhagen habour! 

Working the handles! Today a relaxing past time occupation, once a hard job - especially when it wasn't sunny and the folding doors could be opened.

The Ruston-Bucyrus excavator even came from the same region as my little gravel company. The contractors Carlsen & Nilou were from Soroe, only a few miles from Nystrup. Carlsen & Nilou also owned narrow gauge equipment that was used when larger earth works were handled.
The programme 'Salvage Squad' RB-10 programme can be seen in four parts on youtube:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

At my work table I'm still working with wires and ESU-decoder for my Sala-loco. That could be the topic of next blog post rather than yet another of topic excavator diversion!

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  1. Hi Claus,
    Excavator diversions are fine! Wouldn't it be great if someone offered the RB-10 as a kit in 1/35. Plan to send a couple of pics of the Jung with tippers later today. Also Black Beetle arrived from OZ for my company speeder.