Sunday 12 March 2023

Mix of Scales

Currently I'm having projects in 1/87 and 1/19 scales on my worktable. That allows for a perfect illustration of the difference in size between the differently scaled objects.

A mix of scales on my worktable: K-Model excavator and PD-1 draisines in 1/87 and a Hudson U-tub skip in 1/19 scale. The difference in size is substantial!

I have added coupling chains on the two PD-1 draisines and they are now primed and ready for painting. The Soviet excavator has had the track assembly and external drive chains fitted. On the upper structure I'm busy opening up windows in the driver's cabin. That's fiddly work with drills, scalpel and small files. I have glued the excavator's lattice boom together and is now testing out which position to place it in. I'm considering placing it in a horisontal position as if being under repair. No matter what I'm amazed it is possible to print such a delicate structure in a small scale and still have it stand up to my heavy 1/19 scale handling!

In 1/19 scale I'm progressing and will soon have three underground skips ready for service. The last of the three is currently being fitted with lead weight and painted. My quest for appropriately sized coupling hooks wasn't succesful and I'm now working on making my own. Finished skips not too far away now!

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