Monday 20 March 2023

Unwanted Modelling Break

My modelling has come to a pause as I currently have a squashed finger healing. While I have modelled in 16 mm scale with a broken wrist, a right hand middlefinger is something else. And as I was in the process of making coupling hooks for the 3 U-tub skips I need full use of both hands to make them nice and identical.

Current status on the first 3 U-tub skips. They still lack an airbrushed layer of dirt and some weathering powders - and the coupling hooks.

The finger broke as it got caught between two platform segments while I worked at the Hedeland vintage railway (HVB). It's been ages since someone got a scratch during work there - a testament to the care taken and planning of work.

Construction af a new platform on HVB. The concrete 'shoes' are the platform foundations holding the concrete front element in place. We have an old Salta 1602 as a spare excavator when our regular excavator has a problem.

I hope for quick recovery and that I will be modelling again before too long. Until then I have plenty of administrative work to do on the vintage railway.

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