Sunday 7 March 2021

Pedershaab Progress

As I mentioned in December, I finally got time for further work on my Pedershaab-locomotive project. I found full scale size axle boxes, springs and other parts from a Pedershaab-locomotive and measured them. Measurements and photographs were e-mailed to a friend of mine with his own part time modelling business Epokemodeller. He was willing to help me transforming notes and images to actual scale objects. I have tried to illustrate the process from measuring, over drawings to ready-to-print file with four images.

Taking measurements of a spare Pedershaab axle box at the Hedeland vintage railway.

The first drawing of a complete axle box assembly from a Pedershaab D-type from the 1940's. Drawing: Epokemodeller, Per Møller Nielsen.

3D-illustration of the parts' relation in the completed axle box assembly. Drawing: Epokemodeller, Per Møller Nielsen.

Four axle box assemblies set up for 3D-printing ready to be sent to the printer. Drawing: Epokemodeller, Per Møller Nielsen. 

Why not just build the axle boxes in an old fashioned way from plasticcard and brass strip? Well, I didn't really fancy making four exactly identical objects, and as I have previously built 8 Pedershaab axle box assemblies in 1:35 scale I felt like having exhausted my motivation for the task. With the external help I am even able to have further copies made should I decide to build another Pedershaab in 1/19 - or in any other scale for that matter.

Talking of the external help: While I did pay a sum of money for design and prints, I'm quite sure I wasn't charged the amount that would be required to cover my friend's full outlay of time, effort and talent. Something a lot of good hearted and enthusiastic semi-professional suppliers to the model railway trade are guilty of - making their trade a dangerous undertaking. Remember that no one's time and talent are free when they work as professionals. If you want their services available tomorrow, you have to pay for it today.  

I'm now looking forward to receive the printed parts and get on with building my Pedershaab locomotive. Perhaps a little Pedershaab surprise could be unveiled at the same time?

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