Thursday 4 March 2021

New Locomotive

Recently a new locomotive arrived at my doorstep. An Accucraft Baguley-Drewry with 32mm gauge fit for service on the little railway of Nystrup Gravel. The loco came to Denmark due to a relatively good bargain on eBay. My shopping was highly motivated by my recent discovery of a 1949 Baguley-Drewry delivered to the 700 mm gauge sugar beet lines around the sugar factory in Saxkøbing. Later a full story will run through the indicative evidence for Sakskøbing loco E 10 and its seemingly short-lived career at Nystrup Gravel.

My new Baguley-Drewry on the photo plank. There are several issues to be handled: loose and badly fitting glazing and couplings quite unfit for small skips. Most importantly is a conversion to battery and remote control.

A very large loco in comparison with a standard skip. The loco is a perfect machine for a future garden line, though, particularly in Sakskøbing's attractive livery of off-white body, light blue frames and handrails with the added attraction of red warning lights arranged in a triangle on the cab sides.

Extra details and parts for the loco are already arriving to go into storage, waiting for the Baguley-Drewry loco to appear on the worktable. Several projects have a higher priority so don't hold your breath!

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