Friday 12 March 2021

Pedershaab Axle Boxes and Maker's Plate

In my last post on the Pedershaab-loco I mentioned the drawing and design work being performed for me by a professional railway modelling supplier. Now I have taken delivery of 4 complete axle box units each consisting of 4 separate parts printed in a clear semi-translucent plastic. The results are no less than impressing - to my eyes at least.

Close up of a complete axle box assembly made up from parts directly out of the printer. The items have had no clean up or sanding whatsoever. 

View of the complete order as delivered right out of the bubble wrap. The material is a semi-translucent plastic with a certain flexibility providing vulnerable parts a good chance of surviving the rigours of distribution.

The axle box assemblies are without a doubt the most complex parts on a model of a Pedershaab locomotive, and it is a joy to receive parts in such a high quality literally ready for use. My investment has been modest in relation to the quality of the prints. No matter how long and intensely I worked at the worktable I couldn't hope to produce parts of the same quality. The images should speak for the quality and make it clear that, although having known designer and draughtsman Per Møller Nielsen from Epokemodeller for many years, I'm not giving unsubstantiated praise to his service. 

A distinct advantage of design in the digital age is the ease with which drawings and designs can be shared and commented. Particularly when living in a country where 94 percent of homes are connected to broadband with download speeds of at least 100 Mbit/s.

In my last post I also mentioned a possible Pedershaab-surprise and I have added an image of it below: A brand new works plate for a Pedershaab locomotive. The plate was developed due to a friend of mine celebrating his 50. birthday. He is in the process of restoring a Pedershaab locomotive to running condition. The perfect gift for a man having pretty much everything is of course two new works plates for his locomotive. The loco was found without plates and once the right digits and letters have been stamped into the metal, the plates will make a perfect 'icing on the cake' for a well restored Danish-built locomotive. I wouldn't be surprised to see an equally detailed 1/19 version in the future.
Etched works plate from Pedershaab made on the basis of a scan of an original plate. An exclusive, limited series was produced and serious enquiries for obtaining a set of plates can be e-mailed to

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