Saturday 11 August 2018

Skips in 16 mm scale

With an arm encased in plaster 16 mm scale projects have a clear benefit over my 1:35 ones. They are larger and more manageable with my restricted use of my left hand. Consequently, I have been working on two skips, as that is a type of wagon I’m quite well used to handle.
When I bought decals for my GVT wagon I also had two Hudson skips from Binnie Engineering sent to Denmark. I added metal wheels to the order. Both to enhance future running qualities and to provide some weight. Looking through the plastic bag of kit parts upon arrival revealed a simple, but basically sound kit, although with a little less detail than my 1:35 Hudson skips from Scale Link.
Instructions for the kit and the metal wheel set.
My first task was to fill some large sink holes in the skip frame. Located in the curved end parts of the frame, the holes needed several passes with putty and files to be filled. I drilled out the axle boxes for the brass top hat bearings, fitting them with AC-glue. Then I glued the 14 parts together, leaving out the plastic coupling horns. 
With putty and sanding I managed to remove the sink holes in the frame.
I intend to improve the skips a bit, adding detail on axle boxes, improved representation of couplings and enhance detail on the edges of the skip body.
Two Nystrup Gravel skips ready for detailing and final assembly.

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