Thursday 2 August 2018

Vacation And Obstruction

With decals arrived I could get on with the finishing touches on my 16 mm scale Glyn Valley wagon. A wagon I thought would make an easy and relaxing build to last me through my vacation. It even outlasted my vacation as I'm currently not completely fit modelling wise. During reroofing one of my sheds I had an incident on a ladder leaving me with a broken left wrist. No lasting damage, but enough to limit modelling for a while.
The decals from 'Dickies Decals' are in place. They work well with my usual decal solutions MR Hobby decal softner and setter. I chose no 157 on one side and no 130 on the other. You never see the wagon from both sides at the same time, so why not create some variety! I have picked up the trick from David Taylor and his 0-16.5 Charmouth layout.
Decals were fitted before my little accident and since I have been enjoying weathering the little wagon. Small heaps of granite chippings have been glued inside the wagon. Interior as well as exterior have been weathered with oil and acrylic paints, chalk colours and graphite from a soft pencil. It may need a little additional treatment, particular on the inside.
The 157-side of the Binnie Engineering wagon. I'm not in any way certain if there ever was a GVT wagon numbered 157 or 130. The kit was bought as I felt an urge, not after any deliberation at all or because I know anything about the GVT.

The 130-side of the wagon. A simple design fit for a primitive industrial railway.

The inside still needs some attention to blend the different colours together.

I'm sure wagon 157/130 isn't my last model in 1/19 scale. I like the physical presence of the large models and the relatively large trade support. I notice that the level of detailing isn't always to the standard I'm used to in 1:35 but then there's something for myself to add. Currently I have a Ffestiniog brake van in progress and two Hudson skips unassembled.


  1. Nice work Claus, and no arm wrestling until after Christmas.
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Pete! I'm using my right arm for arm wrestling, you know. I manage a little, light model building. Just to keep away the worst symptoms.

    Best regards