Friday 24 April 2015

Newspaper Clipping: New Loco for Nystrup Gravel

I started 2015 with the goal of getting some research into the history of Nystrup Gravel done. I didn't have much time for that last year. This year has already produced confirmation of the existence of a Fowler diesel loco at Nystrup Gravel. I have now scanned the newspaper article mentioning the arrival of the loco. For the large part of this blog's audience not fluent in Danish I have taken the trouble to translate a few sentences into English. See below.

The article is most certainly the result of the gravel company's active public relation policy driven by the then new director. The local press, politicians and administrative staff from local government was invited to Nystrup as often as deemed necessary by the director. Besides having access to parts of the company's archive that policy enables me to trace the company history in the pages of the local newspapers. The article below (dated January 17th 1934) is just one example.

The article begins: “Yesterday Nystrup Gravel’s new British diesel locomotive arrived on a heavy load trailer. The new locomotive is necessary because of the rising production following the many government projects initiated to fight unemployment…” The journalist continues describing the loco:

“The new diesel locomotive is a marvellous example of British engineering and technical proficiency. In its glorious coat of green paint it completely outshines the gravel company’s smaller gasoline locomotives from Danish makers.” The director was so keen to show off his new loco that the press was obviously invited for a ride: “Anyone interested was treated to a tour in the locomotive’s spacious cab and could feel the mighty power of the engine vibrating in every lever and cab floor. The cab allows a flow of fresh air and provides a great view for the driver, something the workers will no doubt appreciate during shunting.”

No doubt the journalist hadn't much experience of loco driving in the cold Danish climate. Only on warm summer days did the drivers appreciate the cab designed for much warmer climates. Most of the year they were freezing despite trying to close the cab with a variety of tarpaulins and wooden boards. The floor vibrating with "the mighty power of the engine" also failed to please the workers for some reason.

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