Sunday 12 April 2015

Electrical Installations (1/35)

In 1:35 scale it is sometimes a challenge to model details that in smaller scales would be sufficiently modelled with a blob of glue. One such item is electrical insulators. On the grounded van shed on my new module I have recently fitted insulators made from brass by the Polish company Part. I think they worked out rather fine.

Slow progress, but it's almost finished now.

Close up of the electrical installation. Still unpainted, though.

The insulators are turned brass and can be had with different lengths of mounting wire. I'll probably find space for some proper poles with more insulators. I'm sure they will help to convey a sort of industrial atmosphere to the module. If electrical wires, insulators and telegraph poles are your 'thing' a visit to the website of The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society is a must. Make sure not to miss the interesting feature 'Telegraph Pole of the Month'.

My little bag of Polish insulators. They look very much like a type commonly used in Denmark.

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