Friday 17 April 2015

Factory Shed Finished (1/35)

The grounded van shed is now finished. I have finished building, detailing, painting and first stage of the weathering. The kit is fast built with no hassle. I fitted some rivets on the frame as I thought it looked rather naked. I used TichyTrains rivets 8078 (,070'') glued on with AC-glue. On the end of the frame I placed mounting plates for the buffers from plastic card.

The plastic rivets are just visible on the frame.
The van is painted in two colours. Two of the four sides are red-brown while the other two are green. The red-brown is supposed to be the oldest paint and on the outside of the fenced in factory yard. The van is placed as an integral part of the fencing and only the two green sides are facing 'inwards' to the yard.
The faded red-brown sides of the van. The door boarded up with an old plank. The roof is covered in surgical tape painted dark grey.
The shed is fitted with a rudimentary interior partly visible through the open door and the two small windows on the green side. The van is fitted with two 12 V bulbs to provide some lighting, making sure work can be carried out in the shed during the dark months or evenings.

Lights on!
I weathered the van with oil paint in several thin washes. I used black, burnt umber and burnt sienna. When the van is permanently fitted to the module it will receive final weathering to blend in with the environments. I'm currently preparing the module where the van is destined to be the first building fitted.
A last view into the van before the roof went on. The shed will be placed in the yard of an agricultural machinery repair shop. The shelves are full of parts I dug out of my spares box.

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