Wednesday 4 February 2015

Chubby Driver with Funny Hat (1/35)

A great advantage of modelling in 1:35 is the good quality figures on the market. Even though the majority are military figures some of them can be rebuilt into civilians. The number of true civilian figures in 1:35  is steadily rising, though. A marked contrast between the new railway modelling scale of 1:35 and the traditional of 1:32 is in fact the detailed figures in 1:35 scale. Most of the figures I have seen available in 1:32 looks like toys and not miniature versions of humans compared to the figures in 1:35.

Recently I found a new colourful figure from the Czech company SKP Models which I thought would fit in well on Nystrup Gravel as a lorry or loco driver.

A new driver for a loco at Nystrup Gravel.

Assembled but unpainted figure. Photo from Jadar Hobby's website.
While I think the figure is meant to be from more recent times than the 1950's, I think it will be a believable character on the Nystrup scene. The figure is available directly from SKP-Models, but I bought mine from Jadar Hobby in Poland as I was having a package sent up north anyway.

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