Wednesday 28 January 2015

Traction Avant with Gas Generator (1/35)

I modelled occasionally on the dinner table over the Christmas holidays. The Citroën is now almost fully assembled and painting is under way.

The Blitz Models' gas generator is a nice little kit in itself. One has to be careful during assembly, though. A lot of dry fitting is advised to get the correct position of a all gas generator parts. If not the gas generator equipment will not fit the car properly. I had to insert a piece of plastic in the gas pipe leading to the engine to achieve a good fit. Beside the need for patience and test fitting the gas generator is very good. The parts are finely cast and very easy to separate from their mould gates. The instructions could be a little clearer, though.

The resin parts for the gas generator, scrubber and pipes. Appropriate for the Christmas season the parts were photographed on a red napkin (unused).

The modifications needed to fit the gas generator: Opening up rear panel and one small hatch in the bonnet. Cutting off the rear bumper and fitting gas generator mounting bracket. 
The gas generator kit is accompanied by replacement wheels for the car. They are not fitted with hubcaps and makes a nice difference to the kit's wheels. I chose to fit the Blitz Models' wheels to make my second Citroën even more different. The kit's axles were shortened a few millimetres to fit the resin wheels. The Tamiya kit of the Citroën is easy to assemble. See a full review of the kit here.

Interior painted and weathered. Not much of this will be visible when the model is finished, so I have kept my ambitions restrained. I will, however, make a sack or two with wood fuel to place on the rear seat. Beside that it's time for the air brush and gloss black paint.
I had bought a set of etched brass from Aber (set PE 35231) to refine the model, but I will use very little from the set. Not much on the fret will make the model look any better in my eyes. Should have been wise enough to have saved my money there.

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