Wednesday 21 January 2015

New Work Table (1/35)

Finally I have an operating work table again. Since moving into the new house I've been doing what little modelling I have had time for on the dining table. Suitably well covered with papers and cutting mat preventing any unintended damage.

My new work table is a bit bigger than my previous work table. The old one was small and placed halfway into an open shelf system while the new one is placed in front of a window to allow for lots of natural light. The work table is very simple: a purpose cut piece of plywood fitted to some recycled legs. The work surface is painted white and the rear part of the table is fitted with sides to diminish the number of objects finding their way to the floor. The floor is natural wood so no ‘carpet monster’ here (although parts occasionally do go missing even without a carpet!). The floor immediately under the work table is covered with a protective plastic mat to avoid damage to the floor - both from falling knives, paint spatter and wear from my chair.

Still some things to do before the work table is completely organized. Modelling is already in progress, though.
Despite having a relatively generous amount of light coming in through the window, I have fitted my work station with a number of different lamps. Living in Denmark with rather depressingly dark months in good supply there is no way I can model by natural light here! Generally I have started laying out the work table pretty much like the old one. No need to redo things that have proven their worth. On my left is mini drill, vice and airbrush while on my right steel ruler and calliper are ready for action. Also within easy reach is a collection of the most used profiles in both metal, plastic and wood as well as brushes and glue.

The work bench is still being fitted out as I write, but the first model has already been worked on. No doubt the work table will gradually evolve into a more mature piece of furniture as time passes (read: become messier and messier).
A snap shot of my old work table. Here seen in a messier than usual-mode. Compared to my new surroundings a lot more cave-like!

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