Sunday 15 September 2013

Works Plates and Primer - My 3D-printed Schöma Loco (1/35)

After having cleaned the model, I sanded off the raised lines on cab front and rear and used sanding sticks to make the roof appear nicely rounded. After another wash with Ajax window cleaner, I primed the model with a thin layer of 'Chaos Black' from Games Workshop.

Current status of the Schöma KML5.
I’m also in the process of getting together the parts I need for the building of the loco (if the term 'building' applies to a model coming out of a printer). With the help of a German modelling friend I have received a set of etched metal plates.
The plates are made by a German manufacturer, Beckert Modellbau and are tailored in 1:35 scale to fit the Schöma loco both my friend and I have bought from the Shapeways’ site. My plates are made from etched nickel silver and were delivered painted black with the raised lettering rubbed down to show the metal and finished off with clear varnish. All that is left for me is to glue the plates in place. At 22 € the 4 plates are not exactly cheap, but well worth the investment anyway. The plates are quite a prominent feature on the prototype so the model wouldn't be complete without a set of plates. Next up is a drive unit for the model.

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  1. Looks awesome! I wouldn't have guessed that this was a 3D printed model. This actually looks like a professionally-made model instead of one that you had to sand to look more refined. Looking forward to see it completed.