Sunday 29 September 2013

More Bogie Wagons for Nystrup Gravel (1/35)

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be offered two Hudson bogie wagon kits by a friend from France. The kits were made by David Provan in 1:35 and I'm unsure if they (or other kits by David Provan) are available anymore. The wagons are in etched brass and comes without bogies.

The wagons with steel sides match the two wagons Nystrup Gravel used to transport bagged sand for foundry use. Nystrup's foundry sand was a specialised product that was sold to foundries in both Denmark and Germany. When demand for the product was high, trains of sacks sometimes included the two-axled stone wagons. Even the long bogie wagon that on photos seems to have been mostly used for beer, were sometimes used for foundry sand.

As the kits are not including bogies I roamed through my unbuilt kits and found four Scale Link Hudson skips (item SRWD6) that I decided to use for bogies. I did the same on the beer wagon. I have high hopes for a 1:35/1:32 kit of a standard continental skip so it seemed a good plan to turn the Scale Link skips into bogies.

The beer wagon in front of the loco shed. No less than 34 crates of beer and a few with apple juice make up the cargo. The wagon is modelled after a real Danish prototype used by a contractor on a dam project. The beer crates are kits in etched brass by 'Epokemodeller' while the decals are designed by me and printed by 'Skilteskoven'.

Four Scale Link skips during assembly as bogies for the new flat wagons. Bearings have just been fitted to the axle boxes.
I have the skip frames on my worktable and is slowly getting them assembled and fitted out as bogies with plastic profiles from Evergreen. I use the same method of construction as on the beer wagon as it has achieved good running even on below average Nystrup Gravel track.
Five minutes later the four bogies are in different stages of being finished.
I don't expect further progress on the wagons any time soon, as I'm off to Germany next week to watch trains on the Pressnitztalbahn with some friends. We'll probably manage several other locations of interest on the way to and from Saxony. We will be staying in a hotel made up of old sleeping cars - the Wolkensteiner Zughotel. Haven't slept in a sleeping car since travelling through Romania in 1992.


  1. Hi Claus, as far as I know David Provan still produces kits although somewhat sporadically as production depends on him having spare time. He usually exhibits at Expo Narrow Gauge just outside London
    It's at the end of October so if he's there this year I will check if he still has any of these left.
    I have one kit but its in 1/32......not had time yet to start it though!
    Simon Hargraves

  2. Hi Simon
    Thanks a lot for updating me on David's business. I don't need more wagons as two is all I need for Nystrup Gravel, but it is always nice to know if a product I'm mentioning is still available.

    Best regards