Tuesday 10 September 2013

The Soviet Tractor at Nystrup (1/35)

I have been giving a short history of why Nystrup Gravel was in possession of a Soviet built tracked tractor for towing equipment and felled trees from areas to be quarried. Now the 1:35 model I have been building of that tractor is finished.

'Stalin' (as the tractor was known among the employees at Nystrup) has been in for serious maintenance at the loco shed. Minor repairs were done in the gravel pits to save the hassle with the local council over the road damage the tractor usually caused when travelling on them. Apart from it not being approved for road travel by the police...
A size comparison with one of the workers. By far the largest tractor to be found anywhere near Nystrup!

A rear view showing the heavy chains used for pulling logs and machinery at the pits.
After priming (see my previous post on the tractor), the model was given a coat of 'panzer grey' as it seems the Germans besides giving conquered equipment a mechanical overhaul, also took the trouble to repaint it in standard German military grey. I fitted a custom made decal from 'Skilteskoven' marking the tractor as a piece of equipment from FluPlaKo (Flug Platz Kommando). The tracks received a spray of a mix of brown and rust and several washes of rust and black oil paints. Wear on the tracks were made with a soft pencil.

The LZ-Models' huge diesel engine was a pleasure to build and it really lifts the model into another league. Do remember, though, to put some lead under the driver's seat or in the gear box as the resin engine has potential to make the tractor a 'nose sitter'. I added some fuel lines from copper wire and a few other home made details.

The LZ-models' resin engine fitted in the tractor. Radiator only temporarily fitted. The basic tractor kit has been primed in 'Chaos Black' from Games Workshop. Just behind the drive sprocket part of the towing chain can be seen. I fitted a brass shackle from Aber's set R-18 for Soviet heavy tanks.

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  1. Hi Claus,
    What I great job on Stalin(like the name). Nice work on those tracks.