Sunday 8 September 2013

Accident in a level crossing

From the binder I found this spring containing papers from Nystrup Gravel, it seems that the company also made newspaper clippings from the local papers. I have previously found clippings in a local archive, now a second source has appeared. The first of the new clippings I bring here on the blog is on a very mundane happening, but apparently still important enough to warrant a notice in the local paper.

The article mentions a crash between a tractor and two wagons with hay from a nearby farm and a Nystrup Gravel train. No serious damaged resulted, neither to drivers nor ‘hardware’. Some argument must have ensued, though, as the police was involved. The result being that the gravel company was forced to erect warning signs at every level crossing. As road crossing, especially with small farming roads, were numerous it was no small investment for the gravel company. Fortunately a standard gauge railway in the vicinity had just succumbed to the competition from road vehicles and closed down. A relatively cheap supply of cast iron warning signs was acquired from there. The signs could be found at crossings even years after the gravel line was abandoned and torn up.

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