Sunday, 3 March 2013

Planning Ahead

I have always been planning my modelling projects well in advance before starting to build. Some projects needs planning because parts must be aquired from the other side of the planet, some because I just need to find out what a particular valve did and if the axles were really placed asymmetrically under the locomotive, some simply because I like to individualize each model - even if otherwise built out of the box - and that takes planning.

My list for 2013 (a list for a year's 'production' usually takes well into the following year to finish) is long as ever and contains a pretty normal mix of locos, wagons, lorries, landscape with some electronics and lighting projects added.
A loco I plan to build. The 'preserved' upper part of a pre WWI Danish built single cylinder IC loco. 
The classic Bedford O will be seen near Nystrup Gravel in the shape of a 1:35 kit from Roadcraft Models.
On the list I also have a Jung ZL114, two Hudson bogie wagons with steel sides, a crawler tractor, more lights and welding flicker in the loco shed and Tamiya's Citroën TA.

I must be a rather determined modeller as almost every model I have had listed on a piece of paper or in an electronic file has reached a finished state - sooner or later. What I like to model isn't changing much either and that probably raises my productivity a bit too.

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