Wednesday 27 March 2013

Isn't spring coming soon? (1/35)

In Denmark where Nystrup Gravel is placed spring certainly hasn't arrived yet. Even though it is almost April and Easter is approaching there is still frost in the air and snow on the ground. In the old documents I have dug up from the archive of Nystrup Gravel it seems they also had trouble with the weather now and then. One year the managment gave in to complaints and bought stoves to heat up some of the buildings.

Cast iron stoves ready for installation. The all wooden flat wagon was used for all sorts of internal transports. The flat and its twin have been seen loaded with track panels, closets, stones, furniture, machinery and garbage.
My stoves are from Paulo Miniaturen. I bought my examples from Epokemodeller that carries a wide selection of Paulo products. One of the stoves is fitted in the loco shed where it provides a better work climate.

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