Tuesday 5 March 2013

Bedford O Tipper (1/35)

Along with many modellers I seem to buy models when they are available and not when I have time to build them. With my interest in a very narrow field of seldom modelled subjects it is an absolute necessity. The kits that suits my taste are mostly produced in very limited quantities or difficult to obtain. Sometimes the producers aren't in business for long. So I shop when I can and build later. This was also the case with my Bedford tipper. Bought three years ago the kit is only reaching my work bench now with the Opel finished (well almost, I noticed I hadn't fitted wipers at the windshield and I broke off the open door while taking pictures).

A preserved Bedford O tipper. See more restored Bedfords in this Flickr-album where I also found the blue tipper..
The Bedford O is a 1:35 resin and white metal kit from Roadcraft Models.The company is almost untraceable on the internet and probably best known for a 1:35 kit of a Series 1 Land Rover (that I unfortunately have never seen for sale). I have only seen Roadcraft Models advertised at Scale Link.

The kit is accompanied by some good instructions. An exploded view drawing shows what goes where while a small booklet with text explains how best to prepare, assemble and finish the model. This kit is obviously made by a modeller for modellers - and test built as well. The instructions are proof of that. Surely other short run producers could learn a thing or two (or 27) from Roadcraft Models!
Chassis building progressing. A little work on the tipper body has been done as well. I used two componet epoxy glue for the main parts. I like epoxy better than AC-glue when fixing large and heavy white metal parts together. The white metal chassis parts will result in a heavy model.
If you read Danish you can find a nice article on the Bedford O on the Sundborg-MJ blog.

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