Tuesday 28 August 2012

The Forgotten Skip (1/35)

I never thought that I would have so many models, that I could forget what I had on my shelves. When I recently gathered my skips to load half of them, I found a forgotten skip. A British Hudson skip in white metal from Bantock & Lantz. Going through old photo files I can trace the skip back to around 2001 and after having built and painted it I must have forgotten that I had it. Perhaps because it was one of a kind?
The new found model was immediately lightly weathered and fitted with half a load of floor sweepings and crushed building materials. The 1:35 loco shed workers seem to have claimed the skip for carting away rubbish to be dumped in part of the emptied gravel pits.
The rediscovered Hudson skip in front of the loco shed near Nystrup. In addition to it's number 74 the skip has 'remise' (Danish for loco shed) written on it.

The skip seen from the shed's roof. Half filled with rubble, floor sweepings, old leaves and an oily rag.

A mixed rake of continetal 'DIN' type skips and Hudsons at Mønsted Chalk Quarry in the 1950's. The train is pushed by a loco from the Danish manufacturer Pedershaab Machine Works.
A few Danish industrial railways used the Hudson 'Rugga' skip, although the German DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) skip was the most usual. Apart from Mønsted Chalk Quarry I have seen 'Ruggas' at Gram Brick Works. I thought that Nystrup Gravel should have more than one Hudson skip, as they are still available in kit form. Today it is Slater's Plastikard that sell the model - in an upgraded version with injection moulded plastic skip body. I bought six skips and they will make up a third rake of skips in the inventory of Nystrup Gravel.

The old white metal Bantock & Lantz skip and two packs of three skips each from Slater's Plastikard. Nicely packaged and with good and clear instructions - including a history of this type of skip. Can't wait to get started!

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