Saturday 1 September 2012

Never Build More Than One Model at a Time (1/35)

... was the advice that I got as a boy when building model air planes. "You'll mix up the parts and will never finish any of the planes" was the message. Perhaps it was well placed advice for an easily distracted boy. Today I do quite the opposite. I rarely build on less than three models at a time, changing from one to the next as motivation and a sensible building sequence leads me to.

I have yet to unintentionally mix parts and have never left a model unfinished due to the fact that it was being build along with several others. That has probably something to do with expirience and the fact that my modelling is pretty entrenched when it comes to it's topic. I have now and then been tempted by other scales and themes, but have never been lead astray from 1:35 narrow gauge modelling on the Nystrup Gravel theme with French artillery railways thrown in for variety. As the scale and theme is decided it gives me great pleasure to jump from model to model as the inspiration leads me to. It may be what actually keeps me modelling the same theme.

Currently I'm doing work on a kit of an Opel Kapitän, a lorry, a Ferguson TE-20, six Hudson skips, fitting decoder and new O-rings on my Sala-loco, scratch building a closed speeder and besides that I'm working on several small projects on my modules. Certainly not what would qualify for a 'LEAN' process. But then, this isn't work and I do it because it is fun.

Current status on one of my modelling projects - the little speeder.

The Ford from 'Bankes Bakelit' being masked before application of the final layer of red paint.
The most iconic tractor in my opinion: the Ferguson TE-20. Rather than showing some glued white metal parts here is an image of a restored tractor at the Græsted Veteran Show, 2011.
My Sala-loco is currently dismantled for decoder fitting and replacing of torn O-rings. Here it is seen while passing the water tower at the loco shed. See images from the building of the Sala-loco.


  1. Very nice pictures of both skips and Sala-loco.
    Do you have pictures of how the decoder is mounted in the this?

    Best Regards

  2. Well, the decoder isn't fitted yet. The loco is dismantled for decoder fitting. Will post images. My plan is to fit an ESU micro in the part of the hood that fits over the transmission.