Sunday 5 August 2012

Relaxing with Modelling (1/35)

One of the joys of modelling is the total relaxation it brings. No stress or dead lines, no corporate manuals, no need for long memos - and forget the dress code.

This sunday afternoon I grabbed a few tools and finished two skips and started preparing some small items for a little scene on one of my modules. After 12 long working days without any time off it was really great to do something just for myself.

Scale Link skips. Both of them rebuilt a little.

A few items for a little scene on one of my modules.

While I have been totally engulfed in work, my friends at HVB have finally managed to get the 'branch cruncher' working. With great results. It really resembles modelling in 1:1 scale. See the machine and it's great achievements on:

First operational test of the 'branch cruncher'

Second day of operation - now with added crew facilities: a seat.


  1. Great tippers!
    (Are the spoked wheelsets from a kind of standardgauge H0-materiel?)

    Thanks for linking to flailmower-premiere:-)

    => Hope to see you Saturday, for the "3 'half' of this;-)
    Best Regards LLZ

  2. Hej Lars
    The wheels are the ones coming with the kit. They are curved spoked wheel sets.

    Unfortunately saturday is off for me, as I have a long list of house chores to do and two familiy traditions to attend to. That also means that the club barbeque is a 'no go'. Plan to get into my safety shoes and work clothes next saturday - see you there.

  3. Ok, see yuo next saturday:-)

  4. Hi Claus,

    they are looking very good. It´s one of the best approaches to DIN-skips in that scale I have ever seen.
    My question is only regarding the frame: Do you you use the frame unmodified from the ScaleLink kit and do you add only the strenthening bars to the frame??? Not to mention the other modifications like brake, platform and angles at the skip.

  5. Thomas:
    Standard skips are only fitted with strengthening profiles. The large one is from plastic strip U-profile. Inside the profile I fit a length of brass bar to add weight. The cross bar can be from plastic or brass. As the skip frame is not quite square I adjust it and drill new holes for the axle boxes. Brake skips has the frame lengthed (from 3 skip frames I get 2 brake skips). The body is simply fitted with plasticcard extensions and brass profiles on the sides after sanding away the old ones.