Monday 12 February 2024

IKEA Vegetation on Nystrup Gravel?

I have used natural materials and commercially available moddeling products for ground cover and vegetation. Now I have begun to consider using some of the artificial plant products made for interior decoration. For the time being I'm experimenting with a product from IKEA.

New vegetation has conquered a corner of the Nystrup layout. But only for a short time. If accepted the vegetation will move elsewere.

The challenge of finding grass and rush-like vegetation large enough for 16 mm scale has recently made me study the artificial plants' section in IKEA more closely than ever before. I have brought home a simple product of long grassy looking plastic fibres mounted in a rectangular piece of dark plastic fitted into a white plastic open-topped box. 

The plastic grass leaves are far too high for 1/19 scale and vill have to be cut down before they are mounted in the layout's surface. For experimental purposes I have fitted the plastic grass near the layout's edge to find out if the result is credible enough to continue working on. 

IKEA photo of the FEJKA artificial grass.

Have you had any experience with artificial plants on your 16 mm scale layout? Please leave a comment in the comments' section below or write an e-mail to the company mail

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