Friday 9 June 2023

Scale in Blog Headlines

Having worked and blogged about my model of the Nystrup Gravel 600 mm narrow gauge gravel line in two different scales, I have spent a few minutes on a number of evenings to add the scale in all the posts with content in my old scale of 1/35. According to the statistics my old posts on 1/35 modelling still gets a surprising number of pageviews. I felt those readers needed more guidance to easily  navigate between posts with 1/35 and 1/19 scale content. 

Loco 78 on my 1/35 scale modular Nystrup Gravel layout. A 3D printed loco body mounted on an Australian motor bogie. Now residing on a German layout.

Almost 250 blog posts now have a note in the title clearly marking the scale as 1/35. Not a funny job, but something that had to be done at some point. The 1/35 marking in the title is backed up with a short notice in the right sidebar. 

Screenshot with 1/35 clearly marked in the title making it easy to identify the scale of the models.

Information on Nystrup Gravel's current 1/19 scale and the earlier 1/35 scale.

Hopefully the changes will make the blog a worthwhile visit for modellers in 1/35 scale even if my modelling in the scale is fast becoming 'historic'. At least it will make readers able to quickly recognize the scale.

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