Tuesday 27 June 2023

Summer Disturbances

Occasionally my modelling hits a point where not much progress is made. I'm experiencing such a period just now. Loads of other tasks have prevented any actual modelling and the little time available has been spent on cleaning up and rearranging shelves and modelling table. 

Seconds to departure! HVB No. 3 (O&K 7459/1921) ready to bring a chartered special back to HedehusgÄrd Station. In track 2 dieselelectric M 24 waits for the steam train to clear track 1 permitting the diesel loco to run around its train. A day with chartered specials for three different customers.

Fortunately I'm not living a life without railway content, as my daytime job at a railway contractor and my primary hobby volunteering on the HVB vintage railway provides plenty of railway experiences. 

Modelling wise I have primarily been 'project managing' as I call it. Getting decals designed and ordered, parts aquired and projects planned. A good deal of time has also been spent 'armchair modelling' in a shady corner of the garden, as the summer in Denmark has so far been exeptionally sunny and dry.

I'm about to pick up work on my Series 1 Land Rover again. New decals for license plates have been ordered and once they are applied, there is basically only minor painting and weathering remaining. Perhaps a project for the holidays?

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