Thursday 9 June 2022

Vegetation From New Source

I have used both natural and artificial products for vegetation during 20 years of large scale railway modelling. I have had good experience with German products from Heki, but as I began modelling in 1/19 scale almost all the regular landscaping materials from the traditional railway modelling manufacturers seemed far too small. I have now tried a new supplier and look forward to properly test the products. One of them could easily be tested. See below.

The greenery contained in my package from Spain. I also had some tools, weathering powders and paints sent up north to test.  

Spanish Green Stuff World supplies a wide range of materials primarily targeted to Warhammer-modellers. Apart from some bizarre colours and weird names for some of the products, I got the impression that several items could perform well in 16 mm scale. I was particularly glad that I could have tufts with a grass height of 12 mm. More height than is usually found in tufts from other companies.

Two 12 mm tufts and one 6 mm tuft installed near the track. Properly bedded in, they will no doubt look good.

After having fitted a few tufts in 12 and 6 mm versions, I must conclude that the height written on the packs may be just a tiny bit exaggerated as not all 12 mm tufts could be measured to 12 mm height over terrain. The 6 mm tufts measured out quite close to 6 mm in height. Aside from the variation in height (to the low side, unfortunately) the tufts are well worth their price. For longer tufts I may have to experiment with homemade ones.

Some tufts will be installed around the loading ramp and other products from Green Stuff World will also be used near the ramp. I'm looking forward to develop the area further soon.

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