Friday 1 April 2022

Hard Work with Skips

With an interest in narrow gauge industrial railways and the experience of pushing loaded skips by hand I have a lot of respect for the men who earned their meagre salary from working with skips. What I find an attractive and active hobby was perhaps their only chance of providing for a family.

Working like that day after day wasn't healthy. It's no coincidence that the life expactancy was somewhat shorter for a worker 100 years ago. Photo: Bøvling Sognehistorisk Forening og Arkiv B1496

On my Nystrup Gravel layout hand pushing of skips is not something I have ambitions of modelling. I have retrieved some of my daughter's Schleich horses from storage in the attic. A static display of one of Nystrup Gravel's horses is certainly a possibility if I succeed in making a proper harness. 

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