Friday, 25 December 2020

Lorry Load From Spare Part

My modelling has always been inspired by the use of left over parts, scrap items and stuff you don't necessarily find in hobby shops. The basis of this little project is just that - an unused part from a kit, turned into something useful.

The Tempo Hanseat from Banke's Bakelite - registration number E 902 - with an electric motor for the factory production line.

The stationary electric motor came with the 1/16 scale Bandai kit of a showman's steam engine, that I rebuilt into haulage contractor Hansen's steam traction engine in 2019. In reality the part is the belt powered electric generator from the showman's engine, but I think it will pass pretty well for an electric motor. The generator was almost completely assembled by the previous owner. I only removed a couple of small glue stains with files and sandpaper and adding the few remaining detail parts.

First layer of paint is airbrushed on. Dark blue grey with brushpainted scratches in 'dark brown'.

The finished electric motor ready to be loaded on the small Tempo-lorry from Banke's Bakelite.

I found a small dry transfer with a builder's plate and fixed it on one side of the motor. A wash with heavily thinned brown and black oil paint served to create shadows and differing tones to the colouring. Then I airbrushed a layer of dust over the upper horisontal parts of the motor housing. The drive wheel carrying the transmission belt was brush painted with gun metal and rubbed with graphite powder to obtain a worn look. Finally the scratches were accentuated with a sharp pencil that was also rubbed along the wire guards. The motor was then glued to two pieces of wood to ease handling.

To install the motor safely on the load bed of the Hanseat, I cut some lengths of wood to prevent the motor from moving. It may not look very safe, but the motor is only going a short distance to its destination.

With a rudimentary fixing down of surplus timber, the electric motor is on its way to future service at the bakelite factory in Nystrup.

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