Monday, 16 November 2020

Working on the Traction Avant

Every road vehicle at Nystrup Gravel receive an upgrade before going into service on my still developing 16 mm scale narrow gauge industrial railway. Usually I remove the most clumsy detail, fit new details, add Danish license plates and moderate weathering. Sometimes printed on lettering is removed, new paint applied and custom designed decals fitted. Currently I'm working on the Maisto model of the 1/18 Citroen Traction Avant 15-Six from 1952.

The Traction Avant taken apart. Painting of the engine is in progress.

Removing 4 screws  from the bottom of the car separates upper body and chassis - almost. I had to cut the steering column to achieve clean separation, though. By removing 2 screws I could also remove the dasboard from the upper body. This will help when toning down some of the rather harsh chrome finish applied to e.g. the rear view mirror.

The Maisto model's engine is moulded in a green colour not too far from the prototype's. I added other colours to the engine and the engine compartment. Mostly to hide the plastic look and to provide a minimum of realism when viewed through the open bonnet.

A real Traction Avant with the colour scheme I'm trying to represent.

Engine painting in progress. Some parts have had a new coat of paint, other parts are still naked plastic.

I applied a quick paint and weathering job to the car's underside. Not many will see this, but I like to know the underside isn't looking shiny and new.

Next up is the interior that will need floor mats and treatment of dashboard as well as having weathering applied to the inside of the mudguards. License plates are to be fitted and both bumpers will be repainted after some light conversion work.

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