Friday 27 November 2020

Lanz HR9 D2539

With corona restrictions still in force over most of Europe it seems that many collectors are using the time to clear closets, attics and spare bedrooms from unwanted items. From Spain I recently aquired a Schuco Lanz HR 9 in mint condition. An interesting model and very appropriately there was a Lanz 'Eil Bulldog' like it on the roads around the real Nystrup from the late 1930's.

Recently arrived, the model seen placed on my road photo plank.

I have always liked tractors fitted out for road transport, often pulling several trailers. I had plans for a complete road train in 1:35 scale, but never got round to build one. At least I now have the tractor. The Lanz HR9 model D2539 was manufactured over a wide span of time from 1936 to 1954. The D 2539 was powered by a one cylinder engine with 55 hp, a winch, and a closed cab protecting the driver from the elements and the dust kicked up by the tractor's top speed of 30 km/h. The Lanz roaming the roads around Nystrup was owned by the local haulage contractor Hansen, who was the major hauler of timber from the woods in the area and of course a lot of the gravel dug up by Nystrup Gravel. Hansen also employed a steam tractor (which I have also recreated in model) and had a small fleet of lorries. When the Lanz arrived in the late 1930's it regularly hauled double the load as managed by Hansen's small Ford AA lorries.

A prototype barn find from Germany. Here and there very minute areas of blue and red paint can be spotted. Most of the dirt seem to be oily dust and should clean off easy with a rag.

The German company Schuco has a long history of making road vehicle toys and models. The Schuco models have a good level of detail and not too many of the rather clumsy parts seen on other large scale pre-assembled models. Still there are some parts with visible mould lines and the trailer sign on top of the cab is quite a coarse representation. Nothing that can't be fixed with a little work, though.

The Schuco model makes a solid impression and has all the characteristics of the real Lanz d2539.

A view through the open door into the cab. There is an abundance of detail present. Even the interior light in the cab roof is in place. The gearbox and a very detailed steering column with gearing for transferring the steering motion to the front wheels is visible under the cab floor. 

As with every vehicle for use on my small model of Nystrup Gravel the Lanz will also receive minor detail upgrades, new parts, decals and weathering. As I'm currently finishing the Citroen Traction Avant and prepares for ground and track works on my modules, it will probably last a while before the Lanz gets on my workbench.

The Lanz seen from the rear. The winch can be seen below the coupling for the trailer.

The Lanz D2539 is a rather large vehicle and is here being admired by one of the local workers.


  1. very nice model schuco is king on this is that models in scales of 1/18.

  2. Stunning model.