Tuesday 28 July 2020

Point Levers in White Metal

A stream of packages for Nystrup Gravel continues to arrive. The most recent arrival was a package from Feld-, Garten- und Grossbahn Düsseldorf, Germany. The package held two point levers - one right and one left. Just what I need for this autumn's track work.
The point levers each comes with a long plastic sleeper. My levers will be fitted on a wooden or steel sleeper. In the package was also some advertising material for the narrow gauge railways in Saxony.

I had been looking for point levers of a design fitting a poor industrial narrow gauge line and this German pattern point lever fits in quite well. In 1920 the area that today is southern Denmark was voted back to Denmark. The area, along with even further land farther south were lost in a war with Germany in 1864. In some of the areas the German administration had built metre gauge local railways. Many of their points were set with levers like the ones from from Feld, Garten und Grossbahn. Most of the metre gauge railways were quickly closed and their track sold to e.g. industrial railways. One lever of the same type is even preserved at the Hedeland heritage railway.

I used a similar type of point lever on my old 1/35 scale modular layout. Each of the point levers is supplied with a working signal showing how the point is set. While no Danish industrial railway used signals exactly like the type included in the kits, I have plans for a rebuild that will create a more believable model for a small industral line. 
Image of finished and painted pointlever equipped with signal. Notice how the lever fits on one sleeper. Photo: Feld- Garten- und Grossbahn.

The point lever is in 1/22.5 scale but the slightly smaller size is actually an advantage for the use on my 1/19 narrow gauge line. Once I get the levers assmbled they will be blackened and painted the colours usually applied to point levers in Denmark - red and white.

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