Saturday 4 July 2020

Classic Volvo

During July I expect a steady stream of packages arriving with supplies for the continued development of my small layout in 1/19 scale. The first to arrive was yet another characterful car from the fifties, this time from Sweden, the Volvo PV445 Duett
A studio shot of a grey/white Duett with a sporty female leaning on the hood. It doesn't get much more 1950's than this!
Some of you readers may think Nystrup Gravel is degenerating into an old cars' collection. You'd be forgiven for that, as I'm also noticing the build up of cars on my shelves. One day I will explain why I continue to aquire car models fitting the Nystrup Gravel theme. Scandinavian readers can assure themselves that I'm not the only Danish railway modeller with a car syndrome by visiting the Sundborg blog. You will even find that Sundborg is also home to several Volvos. A brief description of the PV445 can also be found on the Volvo company heritage homepage.
Side view of the BoS Volvo PV445 Duett in red and creme colours. The white rims of the tires makes an almost American impression. The mudguard mounted rear view mirrors came in a small ziplock bag and has to be fitted after purchase. I glued on mine with a drop of AC-glue.

I purchased the car on ebay from a German seller, but contrary to some of my other ebay finds, this one came with a box. Surpringsly it also came with a broken front bumper. Easily repairable, though.

The car is a diecast Best of Show (BoS) 1956 Volvo PV445 Duett in 1/18 scale. Different from many other diecast car models nothing on this model moves or opens. Consequently panel lines around doors and bonnet are less pronounced. It does make the model look more in scale. There is no detail on the car's underside beside the exhaust pipe. While detail is nice, it's of limited value where it can't be seen, so the omission seems quite sensible to me. Otherwise there isn't many differences between the BoS model and finer manufacturers of diecast cars like French Norev.

Front view shows some signs of inspiration from US-cars of the period. Nevertheless a classic Volvo!
As my other cars for Nystrup Gravel the PV445 will be fitted with period Danish license plates and a light weathering.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and the link to my blog! Yes, I confess, I love model cars almost as much as I love model trains. The Volvo Duett looks almost exactly like one of my 1:87 models. I have a few BoS-products in that scale as well (but no blog-articles about them yet). I really like the BoS-models, they are very high quality.

  2. It is unavoidable to refer to your blog now and then. With themes so closely situated in history I can't help picking up inspiration. I'm even reading 'Populärmusik från Vittula' and having great fun. The bastu scene is priceless!

  3. "Populärmusik från Vittula" is a great book - even the film is okay. My wife is Swedish so I have to say that :-) Keep up the great work - nothing "knapsu" about railways and Volvos!