Sunday 12 July 2020

Nystrup Gravel Mystery Coach

Having found credible indications for the existence of a small 4 wheeled coach at Nystrup Gravel I couldn't resist the chance to create a model in 1/19 of it. How the wagon actually looked has to be based on the post card sent by Director Holm from Rømø of a small 4 wheeled coach and his remarks that it "reminds me of our own little coach".

Besides the fact that the coach at Rømø was 750 mm gauge and Nystrup Gravel was 600 mm, I had to find a way of creating something plausible that looked a bit like the Rømø coach. A kit would be nice as I could then bring it and some simple tools with me to the cottage on my vacation.
A simple open coach with crosswise placed benches. The curved ends gives the coach a tramway appearance. Curved ends and hand brake handles would be nice features on a Nystrup Gravel coach as well as a closed passenger compartement due to the Danish weather.

A search online brought me to the website of 'The Line Side Hut' where I found a nice looking 4 wheeled coach of light construction modelled on a prototype from the Corris Railway in the UK. The coach looks almost tramway like and it's easy to speculate that Nystrup Gravel aquired it from the Rømø railway, one of the large estates along the Danish beet railways or perhaps even from south of the border, where some German agricultural lines had special coaches for their owners from the nobility.
A finished Line Side Hut coach in a very smart paint scheme. The Nystrup Gravel coach will be finished in less fancy colours. Photo: The Line Side Hut.

Most of the parts for the coach laid out on my work table.

Even if The Line Site Hut website warned of drawn out delivery schedules due to corona related matters, the package was on my doorstep within 14 days. Half a week before I needed it to arrive to match my first day of vacation. With study of the instructions I'm now ready to start building.

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