Tuesday 16 June 2020

Wood Cut and Assembled for Module 1

The new Nystrup Gravel modular layout has finally been started. With all supplies ready I took a few spare Sunday hours and got the framework cut and assembled for the first part of the small (very small in 16 mm scale) Nystrup Gravel modular layout.

Working in the shade is nice. Here module 1 is resting while the glue fixing the foam top dries. Later I will fit fascia boards on all four sides.
The modules are built as light as possible. Some might consider that risky, but I'm not building a layout that will be home to large, heavy locomotives or impressive mountain scenery. Consequently the structure will only have to carry limited loads. I'm currently building the shorter module 2 that attaches at a 90 degree angle to one end of module 1.

Time for modelling has been rather limited due to work and other railway related activities. The vintage railway where I spend some of my spare time has finally taken up passenger services again, as the corona lockdown in Denmark is slowly lifting. Preparing and planning a start up of traffic during the aftermath of a pandemic is quite different than the usual and well known drills of getting trans rolling. Fortunately everything has worked out well and I have worked with lots of other ressourceful volunteers.

Hopefully the hectic work schedule will relax somewhat during the summer. I have a modelling itch to scratch!

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