Wednesday 24 June 2020

Module 2 in Progress

When the weather is hot it's good to be able to retire below a roof giving some protection from the sunlight. Friday afternoon was such an afternoon and I set up the wood working tools in the shade for making module 2 for my small indoor 16 mm scale layout.
Basic frame for module 2 ready for fitting with foam blocks.
Module 2 attaches at a 90 degree angle to left side of module 1. While module 1 is 2.3 m long, module 2 is only 1 m long. As on module 1 I drilled holes in the cross bracings to allow for installation of wires. Although I use battery power I may have to draw wires for working lights etc. on the layout.

Whereas module 1 is largely flat, module 2 will feature a heavy gradient up to the loading ramp for lorries. With the frame assembled I began gluing foam pieces to the framework. I built up several layers to form the basis of the ramp. With the track centre line marked out on the foam I carved a rough representation of the earth works. The small height differences between the foam sheets and the slight unevenness from the knife cuts will be smoothed out with plaster and rags soaked in white glue.
Module 2 fitted with foam blocks and plywood surface. The track is coming in from the right runs up the earth ramp ending on a wooden ramp left for tipping gravel into lorries parked on the plywood area. Still some work remain cutting foam into the right shapes.

The ramp's gradient is quite serious and on a curve. Light locos will not be able to push many skips up for unloading. On the other hand the ramp is short, holding only 3 skips.

The two modules connects with bolts and wing nuts through holes drilled with the aid of a template for precise location. The modules fit into one corner in my combined modelling room/library, but are designed to be removable. Building modules that are transportable (actually segments is a more fitting description) allows me to work on them outside. In addition they can be moved to another room for integration into a larger layout (who knows what will happen in a few year's time? The modular design also allows them to be transported and set up for exhibition purposes.
The layout is progressing. Module 1 fitted with fascia and the ramp on module 2 already showing it's height to the left. By all means a very small layout in 16 mm scale.
I'm studying several prototype loading ramps from Danish industrial railways to find out which is best suited to be modified for my layout. My vacation is two weeks away, a holiday modelling project has been ordered and a holiday in Denmark planned. If all go as planned I will visit several heritage railways.

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